The Dovecote limited release cognac comes from one single vineyard in the Petite Champagne area, and from one of the highest elevated vineyards in the Cognac appellation. Its geology is unique. The campanian soils of the Dovecote’s vineyard is characterized by chalky soil rich in limestone which allow for natural humidity to permeate and makes for more aromatic and flavorful cognacs at an earlier age than normally anticipated.

The hilly topography of the valley favors hot air flow through the vines, and its south-west facing slopes increase sun exposure and consequently make richer grapes. The Dovecote is what remains of a castle tower owned by the local lord who strategically built his fortress on top of the hill to defend his land.

Tasting Notes

Nose: a very fruity nose of apples and pears. Nice apricot notes, as well as a silky touch of beeswax. Leathery notes and a touch of vanilla.

Mouth: round and fruity, lots of fruit jams. Very soft palate, leading to a medium long finish that is oily and still full of sweet fruitiness. A mellow cognac.