Vintage 1987 Fins-Bois, 69.7% vol.


Single Vintage: 1987
Single Cru: Fins-Bois
Cask Strength: 69.7%
Number of Bottles: 220
Cask Number: FB2014

Tasting Notes

The sunflower color with gleaming gold highlights is immediately noticeable, and brings out a feeling of warmth. At first, it is glaring with notes of candied fruits. A noticeable appearance of plum, and a hint of pineapple and ginger provoke us. This evolution becomes charming with very pleasant touches of verbena and almond in mouth. The notes of fruit, nuts, and flowers are hidden by aromas of two important families: balsamic (tobacco flowers) and empyeumatic (grilled brioche and praline). The length in the mouth is pleasant, and long enough to want to try again. Recommended for connoisseurs or lovers of sensation.